UZ CTF: Allstars vs jF

carhumshotAfter a long, spectacular match from "all stars" and "just Fraggin", many people were astonished with the result. Allstars managed to draw versus =jF= on turnpike and take the win on the second map algiers. We have interviewed all*holtes and =jF=Nikes for tonight.

Origins of Nicknames

abbeycamp1There isn't much going on in the scene lately, so it was time to take the matter in my own hands and start exploring the scene for some funny facts. I will be doing this more often but here is a nice starter with some origins of nicknames by a few hardcore UrT players. Care to share your own origin? Feel free to comment here below!

Awesome UrT girls!

shot0040Brushed my teeth, styled my hair and put that new cologne on from Hollister. Because I am sitting down with two girls from the UrT scene. Yuna and Peachy! It's hard to believe but there are actually girls among us, by the mother of allah bless us all! Let's see what is on the mind of UrT girls, enjoy the interview.

UZ CTF: rush. - Shad0w

rush logoRush clan is a clan full of germans ready to own in first division! They look solid and are most likely to be the outsiders of div1 this season ! Let's see what their team Leader Shad0w can tell us about that.