Origins of Nicknames

abbeycamp1There isn't much going on in the scene lately, so it was time to take the matter in my own hands and start exploring the scene for some funny facts. I will be doing this more often but here is a nice starter with some origins of nicknames by a few hardcore UrT players. Care to share your own origin? Feel free to comment here below!

lokie: "honestly i cant even remember where i got it from, lol"

Vrederust: "well vrede means peace and rust means rest I copied it from a local street name"

Carhum: "Well the history of my name is pretty easy, one of my friends urt name was Carbon, I liked the name and changed the name a bit into Carhum. I've been thinking many times to change the name, but since im famous under Carhum I didn't. thats kind of ma history"

nioubie: "my first nick was newbie, but i decided to modify into a french style, its still mean the same thing."

bobbelin: "My older brother came up with the nickname when I just started highschool. It was bobbeling remix back then. When I first started online gaming I made it BoBBeLiN. I removed the caps a few years back, altho ryu seems to like the caps."

Mess: "at the beginning, it was Mesrine, a famous french criminal, then it was Mes, then it was Mess because everyone started calling me that.

Chrillo: "Well, when I was a little boi i needed a nickname and since I was hiphopper I choose GANG$TAR. Then I grew up and realized how stupid it is to call urself some random nick so I choose my IRL nick Chrille for Christian and later chrillo."

h0ltes: "Well my nickname is from an old game who i played when i got like 10 years old it was something like "Battle field la chute du faucon noir"

rovis: "btw, my nick came to me, it's my destiny"

rYuuJiN: "My first nickname was M0oN$t4R.. then I started calling myself M0onieZ. But during this time it was a scene to have japanese nicknames, so googles > japanese names -> ryuujin which means dragon god, corny as hell but oh well :p"

over: "started with the nickname crashover, it was a nickname from the movie "Hackers", I copied it and later shortened it to over which sounds better"

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