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actionterroreurope001.4Hello everyone !

You might have heard of a french fragvideo project called "Action Terror France" on youtube. If you haven't, you can go check it out, it's nice, even if you don't understand french !

The project staff decided to develop the idea even more and do the same but at a larger scale: Europe !

What's that project, what is it about etc.. ?

Click on "read more" to have all the answers !

Basically it's just like the play of the week from the daily nade, except that it isn't inactive (*fap fap fap*), and the commentaries are more present during the action.

For those who don't know the play of the week, it's about making commented videos of nice one actions that you guys send us.

Anyway, europeans watching ATF videos have been asking the project staff to make english videos. They've worked on it, and here it comes, your future favorite project:

Action Terror Europe

The staff is:

Azle - Supervisor & commentator

waLu - Video editor

SuTaFFu - Action selection


How to be part of the project?

If you want your actions to be selected for the videos send the following information to the e-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

- the demo in an attachment or uploaded ona site (not megaupload thx! :troll:)

- the timer of the action

- your nickname and your clantag and name if you have one.

- your country

If they're good enough SuTaFFu will be most happy to select them for the upcoming episodes !

Rules: Your action must not be already viewed. Meaning that it shouldn't already be on youtube or other plateform nor a fragmovie of anykind.

Also applies all the genuine community life rules.

To conclude, check out the short trailer :

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