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Clan Base - TS OC Fall Final 2k11 M|estres vs -xlnc- Interview w/ Josselin "holden" & André "saidex"

Written by liqweed on .

After the long 2 months of serious competition, M|estres takes the gold again! I have interviewed Josselin "holden" & André "saidex"

Q. The two magnificant teams of Urban Terror have faced each other in this final, tell me… how do you feel playing versus each other?

André "saidex" : I just feel happy. xlnc is a good team but we already beat them in the past. They were ez back then, without holden the name of the team was duff, holden really makes a huge difference to be honest, we had to really focus on casa, but i think we played really good in there, with good rushes (2-1-2,1-2-2). This year we didnt play that much, like we used to do in the past but we still manage to win.

Josselin "holden" : As we're a new team, we don't really know them, at least I don't. We played them once in group stage and managed to win but their lineup was different. We knew we had to win casa because kingdom was out of our reach, despite how often we practiced it this past week. The game was rather dynamic, it wasn't full +back mode and both teams moved at the proper pace, I don't mind having lost that, no hards feelings :)


Team excited Interview!

Written by liqweed on .

I have interviewed Dion "Carhum" W. from team Excited! Winners of CB Open-Cup TS Fall 2011!

liqweed: How did excited prepare for this match?

Carhum: We didn't really prepared for this match, we had played the maps orbital turnpike a lot of times before and our tactic was already there. Just played some useless pcw's at our free sunday but nothing more. We were ready to fight after playing a lot of pcw's together.


liqweed: You were the team of div. 2 who was aiming for the 1st place, how did it feel to play versus No Name?

Carhum: We were all very "excited" to play this match. It was a nice match, a nice opponent with lots of skills. Turnpike went pretty
easy, we had the control over the map. Orbital we started great with a 5-0 advantage but somewhere we lost our killing spree and at the end even lost the map. About casa, congratz for my members (i was kind of sleeping there). Overall, great opponent, nice skills and behaviour like a final should be.


Interview with M|editation aka saidex !

Written by liqweed on .

clockM|estres are the finalists in the CB TS Opencup, with the recent victory from Vz they will face -xlnc- in the final. I have Interviewed André "saidex" Mateus.

liqweed: Why don't you start by telling us a little about yourself?

saidex: My name is André Mateus, i'm 19 years old, and i am playing since 2.4

liqweed: You managed to beat almost all clans in division #1, that includes #GUG# Vz h5 @PUK with the exception of xlnc, what's your plan for the final?

saidex: We need to train a bit more than the last time. It's going to be a hard match and either teams can win. Last time, st0c couldnt play and he makes a huge difference of how we work has a team. So, we have to be on our "best performance" if we want to beat them.